Luftwaffe cockpit clock

Luftwaffe cockpit clock

Code: C23319


D: 3cm (1.2")Di: 6cm (2.4")



J30BZ cockpit chronograph manufactured by Junghans.  Black painted alloy casing approximately 6cm diameter x 3cm deep.  Rotating bezel with graduations from 0-60 marked in luminous paint.  4.5cm black dial with Arabic nubmerals at '3', '9' & '12'.  Subsidiary dial  measuring minutes (0-15).  Luminous numbers, dots, hands and centre sweep seconds hand.  A knurled knob at the 6 o'clock position serves as a winder and also to move the main hands when used in conjunction with the pull down 'lever' to its right.  A small brass button below the winder stops the second hand with one push.  A second re-sets the second hand and subsidiary dial hand, a third starts them again.  The case has some paint loss and wear but is generally good.  Excellent dial.  The 'glass' is cracked.  Marked inside on the movement 'J30BZ'' and to the rear of the case with the serial number 695965.  Good working order.  This pattern of clock was used on various Luftwaffe aircraft including the Me109, Ju88, Ju52, He111, Fw190 etc.  Ideally sold to the UK only due to laws relating to radium paint.  Stock code C23319.