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Luftwaffe Splitterschutzbrille

Luftwaffe Splitterschutzbrille

Code: G19852


By Nitsche & Gunther.  These second pattern 'anti-splinter' goggles have moulded black plastic frames (the later third pattern hinged at the nose). They are fitted with small convex clear glass lenses designed to provide some protection from flying shrapnel debris. The strap is manufactured using a grey-green silken elasticated headband.  

The frame is in excellent condition bar normal wear and the lenses have light scratches. The strap is a bit faded and has lost most of the original elasticty.  Marked "NiGuRa" (Nitsche and Gunther, Rathenow) & with the size number '2'. A very good '+' / excellent used pair. Guaranteed original and not one of the Czechoslovakian copies currently circulating.  Stock code G19852.