Luftwaffe Emergency Flight Ration Tin

Luftwaffe Emergency Flight Ration Tin

Code: S20784


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 13cm (5.1")D: 4cm (1.6")


FL415617. Individual Flight Ration Box carried by the airmen during flights.  Rectangular steel tin approximately 10 x 13 x 4cm with a hinged lid that sealed tightly via a wire clasp. This variant has the original dark drab green paint finish and would have contained chocolate rations, chewing gum, burn ointment, energy tablets and amphetamine tablets.  The tin has a minor dent on one side (see photo) and light surface corrosion in places.  Unsually, the hinges remain in good condition, the lid retains the rubber sealing washer and opens and closes freely.  Good clean condition internally.  The wire clasp is in good condition and retains the often missing webbing tab.  Excellent clear markings on the base 'Dose f. Absprungverpflegung, 10-6068A-1, Fl 415617'.  These ration boxes are now extremely difficult to find, especially in good condition like this.  Stock code S20784.