Royal Navy D-day HQ switchboard sign

Royal Navy D-day HQ switchboard sign

Code: M23457


W: 30cm (11.8")H: 7cm (2.8")


Switchboards sign from Bordean House, Bordean, near Petersfield.  The house was used by the Royal Navy as headquarters for D-day.  The sign is approximately 30cm x 7cm and appears to be made of some early plastic and has holes in each corner for screws.  The lettering is engraved, not simply painted on the surface.  The sign was acquired by us from the son of the 'After the Battle' editor who was given it by a local policeman when researching for their publications in the 1970s.  The photographs show the building during that period.  Light marking but in excellent overall condition.  Please see the other sign rescued from this property.  Stock code M234567.