War Savings Campaign - Salute the Soldier plaque

War Savings Campaign - Salute the Soldier plaque

Code: M24163


W: 23.8cm (9.4")H: 39.7cm (15.6")

£255.00 Approx $321.97, €297.2

By De La Rue Plastics.  Approximately 23.8 x 39.7 x 3cm. Made from an early form of ivory coloured plastic/bakelite. The plaque shows a fully equipped solider and has the wording 'For Freedom - War Savings Campaign 1944 - Presented By The War Office To The Local Savings Committee In Appreciation Of Their Success In Salute The Soldier Week', all moulded in relief.  These were presented to local councils that had attained certain savings targets and displayed in the Town Hall or similar civic buildings. Overall appearance is excellent but closer inspection reveals a small 'fault' where a non original fixing screw on the rear has been tightened too far causing minor damage - see photographs. This is the considerably rarer smaller sized plaque that seems to have been produced in much lower numbers. A superb display piece. Stock code M24163.