Friends of RAF Malcolm Club Badge

Friends of RAF Malcolm Club Badge

Code: U21740


W: 1.9cm (0.7")H: 1.9cm (0.7")


Enamelled brass badge for Friends of the R.A.F. Malcolm Clubs. Approximately 19mm diameter.  Pin backed. The first Malcolm Club was opened by Lady Tedder in Algiers during 1943.  They soon increased in number with clubs in locations all over the world. They were named after a gallant young Scottish Wing Commander, Hugh Gordon Malcolm of Broughy Ferry, Dundee, who had been awarded a posthumous V.C fir operations over Tunis.  The clubs provided not only food but also books, wireless, comforts and a cheery atmosphere in which aircrews could relax.  Airmen regarded these clubs as their own.  Stock code U21740.