New Registration Feature

Sunday 14th June 2015 at 14:30

The chaps at HQ have introduced a new 'Registration' feature to the website.  This enables you to buy items without having to fill out your full contact details every time. You'll also be able to view any previous orders made with us and amend your contact information.  Registration is simple - just click the link in the upper right corner of any page.  Fill out the form, create a password and you are done.

We believe this is a useful feature that will make it quicker and easier to buy from us but registration is entirely optional and you can shop without doing so if you prefer.  Just select 'Guest Checkout' when you are ready to pay.

You can also 'Subscribe' with us - this means you will receive emails regarding stock updates and other news from time to time.  The Subscription 'sign-up' box can be found at the bottom of any webpage.

Please note that Registering and Subscribing need to be done separately.  If you have only Subscribed then you will receive our emails but will not be able to login.  Likewise, if you have only Registered with us then completing checkout will be quicker and easier but you won't receive our emails and stock notifications.

Further details about Registering and Subscribing can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), accessed via the main menu bar on any page.