New Stock Information

Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 11:11

Hello everyone, 

Over the past month or so we've been busy preparing a new stock update for the website, and with payday just around the corner for many, this weekend seems like a good time to go ahead.  

As the last update seemed to go quite smoothly we have decided to use the same method.  It will take place at random sometime this coming weekend (Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June) and as long as you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will be informed via email once it has been completed.  No previews are available so please don't ask!

We will be adding just over 200 new items including a range of insignia, paperwork, flying clothing, flying helmets, goggles, boots, uniforms,  gloves, escape and evasion items, post-WW2 kit, and RAF station items.  Whilst sifting through boxes in our stockroom we found quite a few pieces relating to 'Black-Out', the Home Front Memorabilia business that we used to run alongside this one.  We've decided to offer some of these in a new temporary 'Home Front' category on the website.  Please check it out, you might find something of interest.  Due to the alarming increase in the cost of living we're offering a larger number of smaller, lower priced items alongside the larger more expensive pieces to try and cater for all pockets.  

When viewing the update please remember that nothing is secured until you have completed the 'checkout'.  For speed, you may wish to checkout as a 'guest', or log into your account (if previously registered).  If you order multiple items, any excess postage paid will be refunded once the orders have been packed.

Payment can be made online through our automated checkout using Stripe or PayPal (no accounts needed). Select 'offline' payment to settle your bill using a bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card payments via telephone.   If paying 'offline' please email and let us know.

In March 2021 we suspended all sales to mainland Europe due to significant losses following Brexit.  Whilst we still don't offer direct sales through the website to the EU, it is now possible for our European customers to make purchases.  In order to do this, the buyer must agree that they accept, and are responsible for any import taxes that might be levied by their country, and that should a parcel go missing, they will not be refunded unless it is fully insured, and then only if a successful insurance claim is made.  Payment for any order must be made via  PayPal Friends/Family.  We realise this may seem harsh,  but at the moment it simply isn’t practical to do it any other way.  If you do want to order, just let us know, we will then reserve the item/s and quote accurate postal costs for you.

Finally, please be aware that any orders received between now, Wednesday 22nd  June, and the update, will not be shipped until next week as final preparations are made.

Look after yourselves and don't forget to look out for the email notification...

David & team