New stock update - more information

Tuesday 29th March 2022 at 19:38

Hello everyone, 

We've been working on a new stock update for the website for some weeks now and with payday just around the corner for many, this weekend seems like a good time to go ahead.  

As many of you will remember, the last update was a bit of a nightmare with incredibly slow page loading and eventual crashing such that we had to abandon altogether and resume the next day.  Quite simply, the servers couldn't handle the amount of traffic directed to our website during the update with literally 1000s of hits per minute.  It would appear that the problem was at least in part caused by the volume of customers refreshing the 'latest items' page at the same time and the use of browser bots to automatically refresh the 'latest items' page.  We would be really grateful if you could support the smooth running of the site by refraining from using such tools.  Although our web designers have made changes to help avoid a repeat performance we have decided to try a different way of updating the website this time.

So, for this time, the update will take place sometime this weekend (Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd April) and as long as you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will be informed via email once it has been completed.  No previews available so please don't ask!

We realise that this won't suit everyone so following this we will review the situation for future updates and welcome your comments and suggestions.

The update amounts to around 185 new items and will include a range of paperwork, flying clothing, flying helmets, goggles, boots, oxygen masks, parachute equipment, uniforms,  post-WW2 kit, and RAF station items.  Prices start at around £10 rising to £000s.

Please remember that nothing is secured until you have completed the 'checkout'.  For speed, you may wish to checkout as a 'guest', or log into your account (if previously registered),  If you order multiple items, any excess postage paid will be refunded once the orders have been packed.

Payment can be made online through our automated checkout using Stripe or PayPal (no accounts needed). Select 'offline' payment to settle your bill using a bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card payments via telephone.   If paying 'offline' please email and let us know.

Sadly we are still not routinely shipping to mainland Europe (EU) due to the significant delays and losses encountered since 'Brexit.' We are happy to review this on an individual basis and will ship subject to certain conditions.  Customers are advised to contact us to discuss potential purchases before ordering goods. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Finally, please be aware that any orders received between now, Wednesday 30th March, and the update, will not be shipped until next week as final preparations are made.

Look after yourselves and remember to look out for the email notification...

David & team