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RAF type-M oxygen mask/tubes

RAF type-M oxygen mask/tubes

Code: O19114

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Stores Reference 6D/1837. Mask, Oxygen, Type M, Mk.2 complete with microphone assembly, type 71, and mask tube assembly, MK.8, incorporating Mod. M326. Black rubber mask with fabric harness. Also fitted with the pipe/connectors to attach to a pressure waistcoat. These were used in early Hunters, Javelins, the Canberra PR9, V-bombers and the Lightning. The Type M, MK.2 mask was intended to be used in place of the Type M and J masks. It was part of the pressure breathing equipment issued and was only to be worn in conjunction with a pressure breathing waistcoat, Mk.1 or Mk.1A.  The facepiece is in very good overall condition.  It is supple and without serious cracking although there is a little damage and stress crazing on the thin rubber of the inner edges.  The rest of the mask is in very good to excellent condition bar some general soiling/marks. 4/56 dated. A very good example. Stock code O19114.