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RAF MK.1A Flying Helmet

RAF MK.1A Flying Helmet

Code: H20020


Stores ref. 22c/1522.  Size 3 Regular.  1955 dated.  Classic early bonedome worn in conjunction with the types F and G inner helmets that held the avionics and to which an oxygen mask could be fitted.  The MK.1A is a basic protective helmet in leather lined fibreglass.  It has a simple nylon webbing suspension system fitted inside to give a comfortable fit over the inner cloth helmet (not supplied). An anti-glare visor was fitted, comprising a centre rail attachment and mechanism and a replaceable tinted acrylic anti-glare screen.  

This early example has the original silver finish although this is heavily scratched and chipped.  Interestingly the visor track has never been fitted (screw holes not made) so this was probably used with Mk.VIII flying goggles as was its predecessor, the Mk.1.  The rubber edge roll and helmet lining are in good order.  No chinstrap.  Would look great resprayed or keep 'as is' for the well used look. Stock code H20020.