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RAF Mk.2A flying helmet

RAF Mk.2A flying helmet

Code: H22303


Stores reference 22c/2467, size small.  1967 dated.  The moulded glass fibre resinate shell is finished in its original white paint.  The internal padding is foam backed beige leather with a blue edging.  The Mk.2A helmet features a unique visor system operated via a large sprung loaded 'pull-down' bar at the forehead.  The retractable 'rose' tinted anti-glare visor can be locked in the lowered position via a separate lever on the right side of the helmet.  Plastic covers protect the visor pivot mechanism on each side and early helmets has a further cover along the front edge of the helmet designed to protect the visor when raised.  In practice this caused problems in the cockpit with taller aircrews struggling for headspace.  Later variants lack this cover and some earlier helmets have had them removed.  The helmet shell is in very good condition, free of any cracks or crazing.  The paint has minor blemishes but is very good indeed.  The visor mechanism is in excellent working condition and retains both side covers, the right one with some repaired damage (see photographs).  It lacks the central visor cover (see above), this appears to have been removed and the screw holes carefully filled and painted.  It's been so well executed as to be barely visible.  Good visor with distinctive oxygen mask 'cut-out' and tint.  Internally the helmet is good but the foam rubber backing has all but gone as usual.  It retains excellent gel filled ear capusles and is fitted with a standard short pigtail loom and NATO plug 10H/18575.
The Mk.2 & 2A flying helmets superceded the MK.1A that was used in conjuction with a cloth type-G inner helmet.  It was the first protective helmet to incorporate avionics and a retractable visor within one unit.   A very good to excellent example of this now rare 'bonedome'.  A great display piece.  Stock code H22303.