FAA Know Your Aircraft - Firefly pilots notes

FAA Know Your Aircraft - Firefly pilots notes

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W: 10cm (3.9")H: 13cm (5.1")

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'Know your Aircraft  - The Firefly F1, FR1, NF1 & NF2.'  Published by the Naval Operational Flying School, Lossiemouth, Scotland.  'Restricted' booklet printed on photographic paper and bound at the top with paper fasteners.  Approximately 13 x 10cm.  These were used as an additional source of information to the pilots notes.  It has basic aircraft details/dimensions, information on the Griffon engine, the aircraft's electrical systems and instrumentation, radio and armanent.  The RAF used Lossiemouth during WW2 but the Fleet Air Arm took over in 1946.  This booklet probably dates from the late 1940s.  Shows use and wear but in good overall condition.  Stock code P22873-88.