RAF Central Bomber Establishment Secret Report

RAF Central Bomber Establishment Secret Report

Code: P22873-148


W: 21cm (8.3")L: 34cm (13.4")


Central Bomber Establishment  (C.B.E.) Monthly Progress Report, February 1946.  Issued by C.B.E. Marham, 7 March 1946.  Marked 'Secret'.  A Central Bomber Establishment was formed at RAF Marham on 25 September 1945 to meet the requirements of bomber training and tactics of the Royal Air Force.  Papers in this report illustrate the type of trials of equipment, tactics and aircraft.  These include the potential replacement of the Mosquito; use of the H2S Mk.III/VI combination in Mosquitos; trials of bomb control units;  H2S systems; turret firing trials; Oboe training etc.  With photographs/illustrations.  Rarely found.  The cover is worn/dog-eared but the inner pages are quite good.  Stock code P22873-148.