RAF survival  kit fire making tablets

RAF survival kit fire making tablets

Code: S22724


W: 8cm (3.1")H: 5cm (2")D: 1.2cm (0.5")


'Tablets, Fire-Making'.  Stores reference 27C/2373.  Manufactured by Horlicks Limited of Slough.  Metal tin approximately 8 x 5 x 1.2cm with printed paper label.  Contained 20 tablets  that would have been used to help start fires in survival situations.  The tin is worn, has surface corrosion and the label is partly torn.  Remnants of the original tape seal remain and one side is still attached/unbroken.  The tin still contains 11 of the individualy wrapped tablets.  The reference number suggests that this probably dates from the 1950s and would have been issued in various survival kits and possibly dinghy packs.  A rare find.  Stock code S22724.