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RAF Mosquito Flying Boots

RAF Mosquito Flying Boots

Code: B21109


By Adams Bros. Ltd. Size 8. 1960 dated.  Unlined green suede calf length boots with leather soles/heels. These are the correct 'all-suede' boots, not the type with a black leather shoe section often passed off as 'Mosquito' boots. The suede is reasonably clean and in good condition bar some marking, scuffing and fading - see photos. Both boots retain the 'drawstrings' at the top - these were used to enable a secure fit in order to prevent insect attack. The original soles and heels show use and wear. No WD or AM markings as is often the case.

Although this pattern of boot was used by aircrews it was really intended for ground personnel/wear. This correct pattern 'Mosquito' boot is difficult to obtain and often found in poor condition.  These are in good '+' used condition.  Although these have a remarkably late date they are essentially Identical to WW2 examples but at a much lower price. Stock code B21109.