Pre-Christmas Update Part 2

Wednesday 1st December 2021 at 11:26

Hello everyone,

Following the catastrophy last night we will be attempting to complete the pre Christmas update this evening, Wednesday 1st December, from 20.30hrs. Our web hosts are looking into the problems encountered and will be trying to work out why the site was receiving 2000 hits/second. (potentially a malicious attack or customers with auto-bot refreshing programmes - please swicth it off if you have one!)  They will also be monitoring the site live as the update occurs but there is a chance the same thing may happen again.

Should the same problems be encoutered we will abandon the update again and add the remaining items at random as soon as possible without further notice.  The Advent calendar will also be loaded as soon as possible following the update.  

In future we may be forced to change the way stock is added, moving away from 'timed' updates to less specific uploads.  It may be that you get notifications that stock will be added 'sometime' on a particular day or throughout the week.  Another possibility is to have completely random but more frequent updates or even notification that a stock update has just taken place.

This has all been massively frustrating and stressful and we are aware that some of you are equally frustrated and irritated with the unreliability of recent updates.  We are doing our best to get to the bottom of it and can only apologise for the inconveniance caused.

Orders received will inevitably be delayed due to the staggered nature of the update but we'll process them as swiftly as possible.  Thanks again for your patience.  Keep your fingers crossed for tonight.

Best wishes

David & team