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RAF Wings For Victory Plaque

RAF Wings For Victory Plaque

Code: M16690


Approximately 60 x 35cm.  Made in a type of ivory coloured plastic/bakelite by 'De La Rue Plastics'.  Has the 'carving' of a winged man with sword in hand about to slay a triple headed serpent.  The R.A.F. motto 'Per Ardua Ad Astra' is along the top edge and at the bottom text reads ' War Savings Campaign 1943 - Presented By The Air Ministry In Recognition Of Successful Achievement In Wings For Victory Week'.  Beneath that are some pilot's wings.

Once local councils had reached certain savings targets these plaques were presented and displayed in the Town Hall or similar places.  Light soiling and one small edge chip (see photo) but in excellent overall condition.  'Salute The Soldier Week' plaques also exist but the R.A.F. Wings For Victory ones are much rarer to find as the savings targets took much longer to achieve.  Heavy item.  Stock code M16690.