RAF / AM MK.IIA aircraft cockpit clock

RAF / AM MK.IIA aircraft cockpit clock

Code: C21759


W: 6cm (2.4")H: 6cm (2.4")D: 3cm (1.2")


Stores Ref. 6A/1002. (6A/1274). Black painted aluminium alloy metal case. Approx. 6cm diameter. Self starting keyless 1-day movement with centre second hand. The clock is wound by rotating the bezel and hands set by pressing a spring loaded lever projecting from the lower right corner whilst rotating the bezel. Black dial with white Arabic numerals. The dial is part luminous and is marked with reference numbers. The case is a little paint chipped but undamaged. Good dial, hands and glass. Complete with 'dummy' hands for setting the 'time of trip'.  Dial marked with reference numbers (originally 6A/1274, re-marked 6A/1002) and with 1943 date. The backplate is A.M. (Air Ministry) marked and has a paper label with a 1945 date code (service date?). In good working order, running and keeping time for approximately 18 hours. This type of clock was used in some models of Ansons, Battles, Beaufighters, some Spitfires, Beauforts, Sunderlands, Austers, Lancasters and Mosquitos. A good example. Stock code C21759.