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RAF Hawker Hurricane Fighter Control Grip

RAF Hawker Hurricane Fighter Control Grip

Code: M19432


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 23cm (9.1")D: 12cm (4.7")


Stores Ref. AH/2040. By CCG (Canadian Carr Foundry). Aircraft 'Spade' grip, 'Pneumatic type, complete with gun firing button, brake lever and parking catch'. This is the early (non Dunlop patent type) magnesium alloy AH2040 grip - later variants had a 'crackle' finish. The main casting in is good overall condition bar corrosion of the Bowden brake cable guide (see photo). The grip's textured coating is also in very good original condition. The grip is fitted with a pneumatically operated brass gun firing button with rotating safety ring for 'Safe' and 'Fire' positions - all in good working order. The brass pipes leading to the button are also present and in excllent condition. There is also an incredibly rare original/correct alloy brake lever, stores reference AHO3513 and an early original plated brass parking catch. This said, the brake lever and parking catch mounting posts, not clearly visible without removing the lever/catch, are copies and not original. The parking catch itself would have had a nickel plate finish but this must have worn over the years as it now sports an aluminium paint finish over the brass. The spade grip is mounted onto a black painted wooden shaft/column which in turn is fitted into part of an aircraft engine piston, modified for use as an ashtray. Scratched faintly into the base of this is the wording 'Tyrhoon, Big Viaduct Of Elvet 194'. Although this grip is technically suitable for all marks of the Hawker Hurricane (by reference number) it could theoretically have been intended for/used in other aircraft including the Fairey Battle, Fairey Fulmar, Westland Whirlwind, Gloster Gladiator, Westland Lysander and North American T6 Harvard (minus brake lever/catch as the aircraft had toe brakes). All in all a lovely spade grip and a superb display piece. Stock code M19432.