RAF 'Type' MK.IIIA Cockpit Clock

RAF 'Type' MK.IIIA Cockpit Clock

Code: C21114


W: 9cm (3.5")H: 9cm (3.5")D: 6.5cm (2.6")


By The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd. London.  Metal cased Swiss made 8-day jewelled lever movement with 7.5cm black dial, luminous Arabic numerals and subsidiary 12-hour dial which registers the 'time of trip'.  The movement provides a chronograph action for the time of trip. Three knobs located at 4, 6 & 8 o'clock, control the operation of the clock and there is a lever for regulating the escapement at the back of the case.  The left hand knob acts as the winder (anticlockwise turn) whilst the centre 'arrester' knob is used to interrupt the running of the time of trip  hand. This enables the actual flying time to be recorded on a trip involving intermediate landings.  It is turned to arrest and restart the hand.  A coloured 'tell-tale' is coupled to the knob to indicate to the pilot whether the time of trip hand is set for recording or waiting.  The knob at 4 o'clock operates the main hands when depressed and probably re-sets the time of trip (see later).  Mounting bolts to the rear of the case.

The case is generally good but the section that projects around the centre knob has been broken and a small section is missing (see photo). The dial and hands are  in very good condition.  It is possible that there was originally a sweep seconds hand and a second (minutes hand) on the subsidiary dial.  The centre knob is missing (spindle remains functional) and the other two knobs are not secured in place properly. The tiny retaining screws are missing and wire has been used to retain the knobs.  The clock is in good working order and keeps very good time.  The time of trip functions correctly recording the hours of flight unless interupted using the arrester knob.  It is unclear as to whether the 'reset' of the time of trip hand works.  We believe this is carried out by pressing the knob at 4 o'clock but do not want to damage the delicate movement.  The clock in not Air Ministry marked but is essentially of the same general pattern as the MK.IIIA that was fitted to Beauforts, DH.84s, Hudsons, Battles, Beaufighters, Spitfire VC - VIII & other aircraft.  A high quality movement.  Bargain price!  Stock code C21114.