WW1 RFC aircraft Rev counter

WW1 RFC aircraft Rev counter

Code: M24052


D: 8.5cm (3.3")Di: 14cm (5.5")


By S. Smith & Sons, London.  Mark V.  Scarce Royal Flying Corps period engine 'Rev' counter.  Large bulbous cast alloy casing approximately 14cm diameter x 8.5cm deep. It has a non luminous 9cm black painted dial callibrated from 600 to 2600 R.P.M.  The rear of the casing is enagraved with  an 'A' over a War Department arrow (denoting RFC use) and also the serial number '28165' (twice).  Shows some wear and paint loss but appears complete and in good order.  Heavy.  This would have been mounted on the cockpit panel of RFC bi-planes including the Royal Aircraft Factory SE5. A rare item.  Stock code M24052.