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RAF Suits Aircrew Trousers

RAF Suits Aircrew Trousers

Code: U19736


'Suits, Blue Grey, Aircrew, Trousers'.  Stores ref. 22c/414.  Size 8 (Ht.5'7" - 5'8", Wt. 32", Breach 38 - 39"), 1941 dated - this being the year of introduction when this type of clothing was issued exclusively to aircrews.  Rare early battledress trousers with the flapped front thigh pocket and ankle straps.  Early metal buttons throughout.

The overall appearance is very good.  There is a small moth hole close to the right knee and a little more damage to the side of the same leg (see photos).  Other than a small mark under the dressing pocket these are actually very clean.  A good pair.  Stock code U19736.