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RAF 'Irvin' flying suit trousers

RAF 'Irvin' flying suit trousers

Code: S22238

£395.00 Approx $507.71, €459.3

Thermally Insulated Flying Suit, Trousers.   Stores reference 22c/330.  Size 6 (Height 5'11" - 6'1", Breast 40/42", Waist  36-38", Seat 42-44", Leg 33.5"). The leather is in excellent overall condition, clean and with only minor wear.  No rips, tears or repairs but a bit dry to the touch and would no doubt benefit from some light leather dressing.  Excellent dense fur lining.  The original 'D-o-T' zips are complete with leather pull tags. but have some soft verdigris deposits, are quite stiff and would benefit from gentle cleaning and lubrication.  Note that the cotton securing the zips appears to be quite dry and potentially weak in some places.  If you are intending to use them the zips may well need restitching.  With the original braces (retaining some elastication), pockets and label.  Named to 'Rayner'.   A super looking pair of 'Irvin/ trousers in a large size.   Stock code J22238.