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RAF Anti-G suit, Mk.4A c.1950s

RAF Anti-G suit, Mk.4A c.1950s

Code: S25205


RAF Suits, Anti-G Mk.4A.  Stores reference 22c/1509.  Manufactured by Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd (Aviation Division), 1957 Dated.  The suit consists of a grey open weave nylon trouser-like garment cut away at the crotch and knees containing a bladder that extends across the abdomen and down the legs.  Zip fasteners enable the suit to be fastened around the legs whilst adjustment straps and buckles at the waist and laces on the legs, which are gusseted, provide for the required adjustments.  The internal bladder is manufactured from flexible sheet rubber and is retained inside its cover in the legs of the suit, but is free across the abdomen except where connected to the waistband with elastic supports.  A length of rubberised fabric hose reinforced with coiled wire is attached to the bladder and serves as an inflation tube.

The fabric is soiled but generally in good condition.  The bladder appears to be complete and flexible.  All three sets of straps at the waist are a little ragged and need to be handled with care.  The metal strap components are tarnished.  All of the zip fasteners are currently seized in the 'closed' position but aside from some verdigris are undamaged, and it might be possible to make them serviceable with care.  The elastic bladder supports at the waist are stretched/ragged but the inflation hose is good, flexible and complete with connector.  The suit retains its original label and although this is partially damaged and faded, the manufacturer's details and date are legible.  A rare opportunity to obtain an early anti-G suit.  Stock code S25205.