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RAF flying suit, Mk.5 combined with harness Type D, Mk.3

RAF flying suit, Mk.5 combined with harness Type D, Mk.3

Code: S24598


Flying Suit, Mk.5 Incorporating Lining & Harness Type D, Mk.3 Incorporating MOD. PARA. M53 & 54.  Stores reference 22c/2002.  Size 2.  Lining for MK.5 Flying Suit, Stores reference 22c/2074, Size 2.  The Mk. 5 flying suit c.1970s, was intended for use by aircrew who, while in the aircraft, occupy seats and perform duties of a nature which renders the constant wearing of a parachute pack impracticle.  The suit accommodates an observer type parachute harness to which an observer type pack may be attached if an emergency appears imminent.  It was located between the suit and lining.  The suit is a standard 'overall-type' garment made from linen cloth with a zip fastening from crotch to the neck.  Partially integral with the suit is a Mk.4 aircrew lifejacket inflated from a 34g CO2 cylinder mounted on the left breast.  Pockets are provided for a S.A.R.A.H. emergency beacon, an emergency oxygen bottle on the lower right leg, sea activated battery and lamp, gloves, heliograph, whistle and lifeline.  The lining is a trunk-fitting garment made from nylon, zipped into the suit and fastened with buttons inside the suit legs. Sadly the harness and lifejacket stole have been removed but both the suit and lining are in very good overall condition and appear to have seen little use with just a few small holes on the back as shown in the photographs.  The suit is copiously labelled and retains all original 'NZ' marked nickel plated zip fasteners, Velcro adjustable cuffs, adjustable nylon straps for securing the emergency oxygen bottle, lifejacket CO2 bottle sleeve and  integral chromed steel plates to which the parachute snap hooks would be secured.  A rarely seen suit worthy of any postwar collection.  Stock code S24598.