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RAF combined pattern flying suit

RAF combined pattern flying suit

Code: S23476

£575.00 Approx $755.58, €680.47

Manufactured by Irving Air Chute of Great Britain Ltd.  Size Large.  Dated 11th October 1940.  Dual Purpose type with provision for clip-on seat or chest type parachute packs.  Manufactured from heavy olive drab cotton with twin front zip opening and zipped pockets.  The suit is in excellent condition, the material only lightly soiled and without notable wear or damage.  Note the slightly different (though entirely original from manufacture) panel near the base of the zips.  Light verdigris on the metal parts.  All of the brass buttons are present but one press stud is absent (see photograph - easy fix and not noticeable).  Complete with the detachable fabric stole that would contain the inflatable stole (bladder).  Both stole and the actual harness are not present, the latter of which never ever turn up.  Excellent large Air Ministry and A.I.D. marked label.  Fabric hanger.  A super piece of kit and useful for filling a mannequinn as it removes the need for a separate parachute harness and mae-west.  Stock code S23476.