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RAF 'Taylor' buoyancy flying suit

RAF 'Taylor' buoyancy flying suit

Code: S23359

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'Suits, Flying, Buoyant'.  Size medium (Ht.5'7"-5'10", Br. 37"-39", Wt. 33"-35", St. 39"-41".  Yellow one-piece double breasted safety suit designed to give maximum comfort, buoyancy in water and a certain amount of fire protection - supposedly without causing too much restriction of movement of the wearer.  Produced in a heavy 'aerocord' material and designed to be worn with a flame-proof kapok liner along with flotation pads in knee and breast pockets and in the collar.  Internal braces relieved pressure on the wearer's shoulders from the weight of the suit.  Press studs and quick-release zip fasteners promoted rapid removal in an emergency.  The material is in good '+' to very good overall condition.  It  does have a few nicks and there is a small hole at the left ankle that exposes the wiring.  None of this is serious and doesn't really detract.  The suit retains reasonably strong colour and is relatively clean.  Yellow was chosen to aid visibility in the sea but was not the most practical colour for use within oily airframes.  The extensive/long zips and other metalwork on these suits are prone to verdigris and corrosion but this one is unusually good.  All zips are original, Air Ministry marked and all but one sleeve zip (tape/teeth good but lacks slider) are in good working condition.  The lining appears to be good and the braces and Air Ministry marked label are present.  This example is the earlier variant of the suit without a flotation lamp pocket at the waist.  A good to very good example of what are now quite rare suits.  Most that turn up are in very poor condition and filthy!   Bulky and rather heavy.  Stock code S23359.