Air Ministry chess / backgammon board

Air Ministry chess / backgammon board

Code: M20456


W: 38cm (15")H: 38cm (15")


By R. Turner Ltd.  Stores reference 293/KC/42.  Folding board approximately 38 x 38cm constructed from linen covered wood.  One side is coloured for use as a chess/draughts board, the reverse for backgammon.   Gold blocked with manufacturer's details, Air Ministry King's crown, reference code and 1941 date.  Shows use and wear  - mostly to the outer side (chess/draughts), the inner being protected when not in use.  A very unsual find.  Picture this on a RAF station being played with as the pilots await a scramble or 'Op'.  The only example we've ever seen.   Please note that the playing pieces shown in some of the photographs are not included in the sale.  Stock code M20456.