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Air Ministry foot pump c.1944

Air Ministry foot pump c.1944

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Kismet 'Master' foot pump manufactured for R.A.F. use by William Turner & Bro. Ltd. of Sheffield.  The 'Master' is a complex 2-cylinder, 2-stage model with a smaller cylinder housed inside the main barrel which compresses the air twice and allows pressures of upto 300psi to be reached.  Fantastic high build quality with an incredibly sturdy steel frame and solid brass cylinders.  The base plate has large clear Air Ministry King's crown markings and the end of the main barrel is also Air Ministry marked and 1944 dated.  The frame has surface corrosion but also faint traces of original blue-grey paint.  Amazingly this example appears to have the orignal hose although this is kinked and worn.  The pump is in working condition but if you are intending to use it we'd recommend a service.  It is a relatively simple task to strip it down and the internal leather washers can be treated to make more supple or be replaced to improve pressure capabilities.  I've seen similar pumps restored with cleaned and repainted frames and polished barrels which look fabulous.  These were used on RAF aerodromes for vehicle maintenance.  Unsubstantiated rumours also suggest use for pressurising the pneumatic systems of Spitfires and Hurricanes during ground maintenance.  Kismet pumps are collectable in their own right but Air Ministry examples are rare to find and highly sought after.  N.B. this is a heavy and bulky item and will incur significant shipping costs.  Stock code M23426.