RAF Clock, Mantel, Small - rare early example

RAF Clock, Mantel, Small - rare early example

Code: C24112


W: 25cm (9.8")H: 35cm (13.8")D: 14cm (5.5")


Stores reference 21B/116, RAF Clock, Bracket, Small.  More commonly referred to as the RAF Officers' Mess mantel clock although these clocks almost certainly saw wider use throughout RAF stations.  Free standing oak cased clock with an 8-day single fusee movement.  The case measures approximately 22.3 x 35 x 14cm and is, in our opinion, of better proportions than the larger 'Sergeants' mess' mantle clock.  The 14cm dial is in good condition, engraved with a King's crown RAF wing crest of very unusual design with two rows of non-overlapping feathers, Roman numerals and chapter ring. Cast brass bezel with convex glass opens via a small brass 'button' on the left of the case. The movement is accessed via a door at the rear of the case.  This can be locked and comes with the key.  The movement is unsigned but appears to be of the same design as an Elliott.   It is clean, comes with the original pendulum, pendulum lock/screw and is running very well.  The case is in generally in good '+' condition although has been stripped of the original varnish (see inside of rear access door) and waxed.  Note a small crack in the front face of the triangular pediment and a 'knock' in the moulding around the edge of the same.  The dial probably had a 'silvered' finish but is now down to the brass base metal.  The numerals and unusual crest are all engraved and wax filled.  The wing would benefit from a little more wax infill to make it stand out better.  Curiously this clock has no significant indentifying marks.  There is a faint King's crown on the rear of the case and some faint/illegible lettering.  The number '36' is stamped inside the case.  Research using Lt. Colonel Gardner's book strongly suggest this is one of the earliest small mantle clocks ever produced and that is could well date from the period when manufacturers Baxter & Grimshaw parted company with J.J. Elliott c. 1920/2.  Only one other similar clock is known of.  An extremely rare and desirable clock worthy of any collection.  Comes with keys for winding and read access door. This item is both heavy and delicate.  Collection is preferred but we will pack with care and post worldwide if required. Stock code C24112.