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RAF /FAA operations room counters

RAF /FAA operations room counters

Code: M23439

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We have been fortunate to locate a small quantity of incredibly rare Operations room 'counters' used to display important information relating to an enemy raid.  When details of aircraft were received at Group Filter room level it was interpreted on a map table  using plotting 'counters' in the form of coloured arrows, discs and shields.  Arrows indicated the direction of aircraft seen over land by Observers or over sea by radiolocation.  Shields indicated aircraft heard over land or sea by Observers and discs indicated circling aircraft.  Here we are offering one disc in various colours - priced individually.  These differ slightly from the others we have had are approximately 2cm diameter, made from painted metal and are a little soiled/worn with some paint blistering but in good overall condition.  A fantastic opportunity to create an Operations room display.  NB, map shown for display purposes only.  Stock code M23439/41/43.