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RAF operations room convoy plotting counter

RAF operations room convoy plotting counter

Code: M25335-91


Incredibly rare counter as used in RAF Filter and Sector Operations Rooms during the Battle of Britain and beyond to display important information relating to an enemy raid.  When the role of fighter aircraft in any Air Defence area includes the protection of shipping, and the positions of shipping are told by Naval Authority, it was displayed on the plotting table using a 'Convoy' counter as shown here.  The colour of the counter could be used to indicate the importance of the shipping or degree of fighter protection given.  Code names and/or reference numbers were sometimes written on the Convoy symbol, in this case 'Muskrat'.  

Please note that you are buying the Convoy counter alone, other items shown are not included and are shown for illustrative purposes only.  The counter is approximately 11cm in length x 2.5cm wide, manufactured from an early type of plastic and is somewhat warped as seen.   Extremely rare and a fantastic opportunity to create a small Operations Room display.  Stock code M25335-91.