RAF station 'scramble' bell, 1941

RAF station 'scramble' bell, 1941

Code: M24173


H: 28cm (11")Di: 28cm (11")


Large nickel plated bronze RAF station bell with classic 'crown' top. This is the smaller of the two sizes produced, measuring approximately 28cm in height and 28cm diameter.  Indistinct foundry marks on the crown top and engraved to the side with large elaborate King's crown A.M. marks and 1941 date.  Complete with the original clapper.  Traces of red paint visible in places.  We have left the bell in original condition.  It has relatively minor 'dings', scratches and surface wear where it has been struck over the years but has a very pleasing overall patina.  Contrary to popular belief each station had more than one bell.  They were not used exclusively to 'scramble' aircraft but due to various original 1940 Pathe newsreels these have become iconic symbols of the Battle of Britain and fighter pilots racing to their waiting aircraft.  A must for every serious collector, these are increasingly difficult to find now.  A superb, impressive and imposing display piece. Rather heavy even when unpacked - postage is given as a guide only and may require adjustment.  As with everything we list this is guaranteed original and not one of the copies that are now surfacing.  Stock code M24173.