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RAF station sector clock, type 2, economy case

RAF station sector clock, type 2, economy case

Code: C23163


Type 2, Smiths Coventry Astral, 1942 dated Air Ministry stamped 8-day, lever escapement movement. 14" dial with the  rarely found 17" diameter  'economy' bakelite surround. The dial is generally excellent, completely unrestored and original. It has some scratches, ingained dirt and there is very minor paint loss and assocaited flaking around the edges near some of the screw holes but this doesn't detract at all.  As is usual, the dial attachment screws are not original and oversized ones have been used at some stage, being driven right through the surround.  The clock retains an original unpainted spun bezel and has the glass retainer ring in place on the inside (possibly a replacement as these often seem to fall out and the void filled with a plaster type material).  This clock has the rarely found single piece bakelite surround which is much less ornately shaped than the solid wood mahogany and oak examples found on earlier clocks.  The back is double stamped 'Smith 1942' and also with the 'GVI' cypher. The movement itself is in very good clean condition, the rear plate with clearly stamped 'Astral', A.M.', King's crown and 1942 date. Being a non-fusee movement, this clock has the advantage of being less temperamental than the pendulum driven Type 1 and will run without being hung exactly straight on the wall. The dials on Type 2 clocks are normally 'tinned' which gives some protection from corrosion and explains why most are in better condition than their predecessors.  A rare opportunity to own one of the classic clocks as used in the WW2 Operations Rooms of RAF stations. Good working condition.  Additional photographs available on request.  Stock code C23163.