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RAF Goggles, Night Vision Training, Indoor

RAF Goggles, Night Vision Training, Indoor

Code: G24699


Stores reference 22c/1040.  These goggles were intended to simulate given conditions during flying training.  The single-piece frame, stores reference 22c/862, is made of rubber, lined with velveteen, and would have been fitted the appropriate filter windows (lenses), 2-stage amber or 2-stage blue.  Here we have the frame, fitted with clear 'blank' lenses, used to maintain the shape of the goggles when issued, prior to the appropriate tinted lenses being fitted.  A little dusty through storage but in excellent flexible condition with extremely clean velveteen.  The blue-grey elasticated webbing strap is also very good but the cadmium plated fittings have some corrosion.  These straps are sometimes seen on refurbished Mk.VII goggles as they resemble the original.  Stock code G24699.