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RAF Mk.IVB flying goggles

RAF Mk.IVB flying goggles

Code: G24303

£300.00 Approx $388.1, €330.76, £300

Stores reference 22c/167.  While the frame is in good condition someone has removed the paint on exposed parts deliberately revealing the brass  beneath.  The nosepiece leather and backing chamois are both good but all the rubber facepads have been removed.  Fitted with a  pair of clear glass lenses that display very well but are no longer truly laminated.  The right strap loop is excellent but the covering on the left has frayed leaving a small section of the metal beneath exposed. Both fabric covered spring sections are excellent.  The leather section appears to have been reduced in length.  No anti-glare/flipshield fitted.  A reasonable used pair.  Stock code G24303.