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RAF MK.V.A. Flying Spectacles, Cased

RAF MK.V.A. Flying Spectacles, Cased

Code: G15353


By Newbold & Co. Ltd., London.  Stores Ref. 22c/156.  Fragile lightweight wire frames with laminated glass lenses, celluloid side-shields, rolled sponge rubber noserest and anti-glare 'flipshield'.  Fitted with short side-arms, each having a female press-stud at the end that connected with a press studded metal plate sewn to the flying helmet of the user.  

The frame is in very good condition with only minor paint chipping/loss and general soiling.  The tinted lenses have delamination marking and the side-shields are a little warped as usual. The rubber nose-roll is a little discoloured but in good overall condition.  Light scratches on the flipshield.   The spectacles come in the original 'hand sewn' rigid leather case with original leather spares wallet containing 1 pair of clear lenses (with delamination marks); bakelite tube of 'Everclear' de-mist compound;  two press studded plates that would have been sewn to the flying helmet and to which the side-arms could be fastened; rear 'headband' strap and illustrated instruction booklet.  A small screwdriver and a metal 'hook' to be sewn on the forehead of the wearer's helmet were originally issued with these spectacles but are missing. The  strap is excellent seeminly unused condition and has super crisply embossed Air Ministry King's crown marks and reference numbers.  The instruction booklet is soiled and a little dog-eared.

Intended for the use of observers and gunners and pilots, these are xtremely rare spectacles/goggles - seldom seen today, especially with the accessories. Stock code G15353.