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Pre WW1 RFC 'Used' Mapboard

Pre WW1 RFC 'Used' Mapboard

Code: M19604


By Aston & Mander Ltd. London. Dated 1909. Beautifully made boxwood mapboard approximately 19 x 26cm (max) with inset compass at the top. Blued brass metal spindles each side onto which a map or sheet of paper can be wound and then 'moved' across the board in order to view different sections. The back of the board is fitted with an inset inclinometer for calculating angles/slope and a leather strap with leather covered pronged buckle used to attach the board to the wearer's arm. This could then be used by a navigator when seated in the cockpit. These were also issued to Cavalry officers and this example was presumably made for such use initially as it predates the RFC. That said, it could have seen use in the air.

It is clearly marked with manufacturer details/date and has a less distinct war department arrow stamp. One of the spindles is slightly bent, the graduations/marks on the inclinometer are tarnished (could be removed and cleaned quite easily) and two screws are protruding at the base but otherwise this is in excellent condition and over 100 years old. A really lovely item. Stock code M19604.