Sales to Europe - Updated Information

Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 10:50

In March 2021 we suspended all sales to mainland Europe due to significant losses following Brexit.  Whilst we still don't offer direct sales through the website to the EU, it is now possible for our European customers to make purchases.  In order to do this, the buyer must agree that they accept, and are responsible for any import taxes that might be levied by their country, and that should a parcel go missing, they will not be refunded unless it is fully insured, and then only if a successful insurance claim is made.  Payment for any order must be made via  PayPal Friends/Family.

We realise this may seem harsh,  but at the moment it simply isn’t practical to do it any other way.  If you do want to order, just let us know, we will then reserve the item/s and quote accurate postal costs for you.

Best wishes