September Update News

Saturday 6th September 2014 at 19:10

Since the update in early August we've continued to source new stock and have now begun preparations for the next batch of listings. We've had some specific requests to list more helmet wiring looms, flying suits and gloves so this will be addressed immediately.  

What Else Can We Expect?

The new stock will include a wide range of items to suit all collectors with prices ranging from just a few pounds.  In addition to the items mentioned above expect to see  Irvins, oxygen masks, helmets, goggles, escape maps, paperwork and RFC kit etc.  

When Will The Update Take Place?

We've already started work on the new listings and the first are ready for photographing.  We hope to have enough prepared within 2 weeks so keep an eye on the website.  A request has been made by some of our Antipodean customers to time the update with them (and their time-zones) in mind.  0900hrs BST was suggested to that will be the start time on this occasion. As usual a 'latest items' email will be sent out as soon as the new stock is released....

Cheers for now

David & team