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USAAF Goggle, Variable Density, Cased

USAAF Goggle, Variable Density, Cased

Code: G20169


By American Optical/Polariod.  Grey rubber facemask with a rigid plastic front frame housing circular lenses.  Each lens was actually comprised of two separate lenses, one of which could be rotated over the other  using a centrally mounted knob.  The effect of this rotation was to achieve differing degrees of density from clear through a range of pinks/reds and enabled the wearer to track targets in the vicinity of and acrorss the face of the sun.  This model does not incorporate the red plastic 'flip-down' visor. Used primarily by airgunners.  

This pair is in excellent, probably unissued condition.  The goggles are 'Polariod' marked.  Complete with the storage tin of issue showing minor storage wear (AO marked).  Stock code G20169.