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USAAF sunglasses, boxed

USAAF sunglasses, boxed

Code: G23285

£145.00 Approx $186.62, €169.19

By Rockglas.  Specification AR-6331-01-02.  Commerically produced 'Army Air Force Type' flying sunglasses.  Nickel silver wire frames, wraparound 'comfort-cable' side-arms, green/grey tinted glass lenses, sweat brow pad and nose-rests.  With original leatherette case embossed with manufacturer's details and AAF winged star etc.  Also comes with original card box noting 'Manufactured to Gov't. Specifications'.  The glasses are in very good condition bar minor storage wear/tarnishing.  The specially processed and polished glass lenses are generally excellent bar a tiny chip on the inner edge of the left lens as worn.  This would be imperceptable in use.  Good tight hinges.  The leatherette case is very good and the box is sound though lacking part of the end flap.  Overall, an excellent pair of glasses.  No markings on the frame.  Please note these glasses have a small compact shape.  Study the photographs carefully before ordering.  Stock code H23285.