USAF B-15B flying jacket - Buzz Rickson Reproduction

USAF B-15B flying jacket - Buzz Rickson Reproduction

Code: J25026


U.S.A.F. Jacket, Flying, Intermediate,Type 15-B by Buzz Rickson.  Size 46.  Fabulous jacket reproduced in exacting detail in heavyweight olive drab Spec. 16159 green nylon with a nylon lining and Mouton fur collar/fur padded button-tab closure.  It has all the features of the original including two snap-down exterior pockets lined with warm 80/20 wool-rayon fabric and two snap-down interior pockets lined with heavy all-cotton twill fabric precisely matching 1950 USAF specs.  It also features an exact copy of the spring-loaded early 1950s Crown zips on both the sleeve pocket and jacket front. The zip tape is made of all-cotton HBT fabric, rather than cheaper and inferior polyester cotton and each slider is complete with a leather puller tab.  The B-15B features a slightly off-set frontal zip closure, exactly matching the original specifications. Other features include custom manufactured100% worsted-wool knit cuffs and waist skirt in Olive Drab, heavy, dark brown leather tab correctly sewn to left front chest for attaching oxygen mask retainer clip, two snap-down tabs for retaining headset and microphone wiring leads and colour USAF insignia transfer on left shoulder.  A further USAF stamp is seen on the lining beneath the authentic pattern label. The best copy you can buy. A superb jacket in unused condition offered at a fraction of the price when new. Stock code J25026.

Approximate sizes : pit to pit 24.5" (49"), Pit to cuff end18", shoulder seam to end of nylon sleeve/begining of knitted cuff 25", shoulder to shoulder 20.5", collar seam to beginning of knitted waistband at the back 23".

Buzz Rickson is a brand owned by the Japanese manufacturing company Toyo Enterprises, Ltd. (established in Tokyo c.1965 by Susumu Kobayashi. The company was created with the intention of manufacturing clothing for US military bases in Japan after the US invaded Vietnam). The Rickson brand was established in 1993 with a focus on stitch-for-stitch reproductions of iconic vintage military clothing and accessories made to the highest degrees of quality, authenticity and precision, including the use of custom-made fabrics produced on costly, slow-moving vintage looms, with the finished goods assembled using vintage sewing machines for ultimate authenticity.  It is part of the brand philosophy that ultimate authenticity is only achieved when goods are recreated not just to look the part of the vintage item being copied, but to also function as dependably as the vintage item was intended to function.