War & Peace Debriefing....

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at 14:12

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Please find attached a report following the debriefing from the War & Peace Revival show.

Target - The main objective, Folkstone Airfield/Racecourse, site of the War & Peace Revival Show was reached successfully at 0630 hours on 14th July. Conditions of the ground were variable to say the least.

Preparation - The advanced party had already secured the site and erected our campaign tent in preparation for our arrival.  By the end of the day we had managed to set out most of the kit and equipment on offer. 

Action - Trading was brisk throughout the week, particularly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We also had the chance to meet quite a few of our lovely clientele throughout the week.

Meteorological Report The Met boys got the forecast partly right.  The entire week was extremely hot and humid making working conditions somewhat  sticky and uncomfortable.  However, Friday night saw the strangest bank of cloud* approaching at approx. 2000hrs.  This resulted in a sudden drop in temperature and the skies turning very very dark.  As the cloud went overhead it brough incredibly strong gusting winds similar to the effects of a tornado resulting in some marquees being uprooted and thrown through the air. The rain followed soon afterwards accompanied by the most dramatic lightning storm we've ever seen. It was quieter by 2230 hrs but we were woken at 0245 hrs with a second wave of rain and lightning.  

Damage Report - Fortunately we escaped any direct hits but had to take evasive action within the marquee with prolific use of 'gaffer' tape and plastic sheeting.  No stock casualties were reported.

* We are indebted to Paul & Dom for supplying the site photos. Thank you very much.

Back to HQ - We arrived back at HQ very late on Saturday 19th.  Since then we have been upacking and organising the stock rooms, sorting out the accounts and updating the stocklists. All orders received since the trip have been posted and the the next job is to 'tag' the newly acquired stock. Once that is done we'll be preparing new listings for the website.  This will take a few days to organise to please be patient!  We'll announce new listings via email as soon as possible.

In the meantime please remember you can always keep up to date via facebook, google + , twitter or here on our blog pages.

Over & Out

David & Team