Royal Flying Corps - technical notes

Royal Flying Corps - technical notes

Code: P22873-18


W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 20cm (7.9")


H/b. 12.5 x 20cm., 1916 print date.  42p interleaved with blank pages for notes plus 38 detailed 'fold-out' plates to the rear.  Marked as property of H.M. Government and for official use only. Has sections on photography; wireless; flight and stability; magneto; engines, including the Gnome, Renault, Beardmore, Monosoupape, RAF, Le Rhone 80 HP, Le Rhone 110 HP, Curtiss 90 HP, Clerget 80 HP, Clerget 100 HP & Rolls Royce Aero 250 HP.  Lovely plates of period airframes to the rear including the Maurice Farman Shorthorn, Maurice Farman Longhorn, B.E. 2C, Avro, Bleriot, Bleriot Scout (Type C), Vickers' Fighter, Sopwith 2-seater, Vickers' Scout, F.E. 2B, De Havilland 1, R.E. 7 & De Havilland 2.  The cover has minor wear and staining.  Pages are a little yellowed and some are annotated.  Named to owner on inside cover.  A super period document.  Stock code P22873-18.