WW1 Home Front savings flier

WW1 Home Front savings flier

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W: 13.5cm (5.3")L: 20cm (7.9")

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Issued by the National War Savings Committee.   'How You Can Help Your Country'.  Handbill / flier No. 117.  Dated November 1916.  'Every one wants at the present time to help his Country.  Every one wants especially to back up our soldier and sailors by providing them with an adequate supply of what they need to carry the War to a victorious end.  But how can every one help?  By spending as little as possible on himself and lending as much as possible to the Country.  More and more money is wanted for ships and guns and shells and aeroplanes - munitions and equipment of all kinds'.  It goes on to explain about war savings certificates, war savings cards and war savings associations.  We recently found a small bundle of these rare surviving leaftlets from the Great War.   Some minor edge damage but in good overall condition.  Stock code P23950.