RFC Perrin Auliffe lifebelt Co2 cylinder

RFC Perrin Auliffe lifebelt Co2 cylinder

Code: MW22182A


L: 14.5cm (5.7")Di: 1.8cm (0.7")


Original Co2 inflation cylinder for the 'Belts. life-saving, self-inflating, Type A-Perrin'. 22c/15 'Jacket, life-saving - Anliffe pattern (obs. 1924).  This compressed gas cylinder was fitted internally and attached to a metal deployment lever via a screw thread at the upper end.   The cylinder is in 'live' unused condition.  There is minor surface corrosion but overall condition is very good.  A very rare item.  Available to UK addresses only due to postal restrictions and ideally arrangements should be made to collect in person.  Stock code MW22182A.