Luftwaffe Back Type Parachute

Luftwaffe Back Type Parachute

Code: S21080


By Schroeder & Co. Luftwaffe Ruckenfallschirme, Model RH 12B (Fl. 30245).  Webbing harness with a quick release (QR) box that the Germans copied from the RAF.  They added a safety 'key' to prevent accidental depression and potential premature release. There is also a large waistbelt incorporating the rip-cord release 'D' ring.  The compact khaki coloured pack fitted into a painted aluminium tray that was shaped to rest against the airman's back.  This early model pack is fastened by means of a type of oversized zip held together using a long metal locking pin. The webbing harness is labelled 'Gurtzeug' (Harness), 'Gerat Nr. Rufa 12B 10 .9. E, Bauart (Type) Autoflug'   It also has the reference number and maker's details plus a relatively faint date of ? ? 1942.  It has the correct QR box with engraved German text reading 'To Release harness : Turn and push'.  Text on the side of the box reads 'Gesichert' (Safe) and 'Ensichert' (unlocked). The safety 'key' is attached via a narrow webbing lanyard secured to the harness and a wide canvas webbing waistbelt carries both the QR box and ripcord housing.

The harness is in very good used condition with only light soiling.  The QR box is fully functioning and the rip cord housing, rip cord and handle are all present.  The pack is in excellent clean condition but has a replacement label (you can see where the original label has been removed) denoting its issue to the French Air Force in October 1945.  This could easily be removed if required. The pack retains excellent bungee straps.  No canopy is fitted but the pack can easily be packed out to give the appropriate shape.  The aluminium tray is in excellent undamaged condition, free from any major dents and retains most of the original paint finish.

This type of parachute was worn in aircraft having a recesss in the back of the seats including fighters and bombers. It is extremely difficult to find Luftwaffe parachute kit and this is in very good used condition.  Buy it while you can.  A superb display piece.  Further photographs available on request. Stock code M21080.