Luftwaffe Seat-type Parachute

Luftwaffe Seat-type Parachute

Code: M19271


Luftwaffe Sitzfallschirm, Model 30 IS 24 (Fl. 30231).  From 1937 the British firm Irvin were contracted to supply Germany with parachutes. The Germans then continued to copy and produce their own version of the seat parachute after war broke out - hence the almost identical appearance to those used by the RAF.  This parachute was worn by fighter pilots in Me109s and Ju87s but also by other crew in aircraft with the bucket recess in the seat.  It  features the copied RAF quick release (QR) box although the Germans added a safety 'key' to prevent accidental depression and potential premature release.  The webbing harness is labelled 'Gurtzeug' (Harness), 'Gerat Nr. 10 .2. 14, Werk Nr.'   It has the correct QR box with engraved German text reading 'To Release harness : Turn and push'.  Text on the side of the box reads 'Gesichert' (Safe) and 'Ensichert' (unlocked).  The safety 'key' is attached via a narrow webbing lanyard secured to the harness and a wide canvas webbing waistbelt carries both the QR box and ripcord housing.  The olive green reed linen pack is complete with label 'Sitzfallschirm, Gerat Nr. 10 . 2K .1, Anforderz Fl 30246, Werk Nr.'  

The harness is a little grubby but has no damage other than some surface corrosion on metal parts.  The QR box is fully functioning and the rip cord housing, rip cord and handle are all present.  The pack is clean and other than some missing stitching on the canvas binding (see photo) is also in very good condition complete with a set of rubber bungee cords (stretched).  

The pack still contains the original canopy complete with rigging lines and drogue 'chute.  The main canopy is copiously stamped with information including the manufacture date of August 8th 1940 and later inspection dates including August 9 1940, November 1941 and a February 1942 stamp with swastika and eagle. We have not completely unpacked the canopy but it appears to be in good/complete condition.   The assembly is completed with the correct green canvas backpad and a seat cushion, both in very good condition. 

It is extremely difficult to find Luftwaffe parachute kit and this is complete and in very good used condition.  One very similar (same Fl. codes etc. minus canopy) sold at auction in Germany a few years ago for considerably more money than this one.  Buy it while you can.  A superb display piece.  Stock code S19271.